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Jewel Pookrum, M.D., Ph.D. MFS
Surgeon & Surgeon General

Preventative and Wholistic Physician, Surgeon & Surgeon General

“My purpose is to see the perfection of every person’s present state of health. I will support them in feeling joyful and energized in mind, body and spirit.” 


Jewel Pookrum, M.D. PhD, MFS aka Chief Sacred Feather Eagle (Dr. Jewel), brings a sense of vitality and boundless energy to her work. She is the Medical Director and founder of E4 Medicine created to facilitate and disseminate alternative wholistic medicinal practices to the general public via Cyber Space through consultations and instructions. Her approach has helped patients to heal visible signs of cancer, erase aging lines and learn to live happy, balanced and pain free lives. According to Dr. Pookrum, “nothing in our world has the power to make us weak, sad or diseased if we adopt the proper attitude, diet and commitment to wellness. Each of us can live in infinite perfection”.

Dr. Pookrum’s approach incorporates her training as a physician and a gynecologist with a 20-year odyssey into wellness therapies and techniques. She has studied a myriad of ancient techniques and alternative therapies; “The capacity for health lies innately within the human body” she teaches. The body is a Barometer for assessing one’s ability to live in harmony with his or her environment.


Bringing the body into balance, Dr. Pookrum blends the best of modern medicine with American Indian healing techniques, Neuro linguistic programming, Macrobiotic philosophy, Pi-sonic cell regeneration, Psycho neuro-immunobiology and a cornucopia of concepts gleaned from travel as well as scientific research and medical professional studies.

Dr. Jewel Pookrum founded E² Medicine in 2003 to share these therapies with wholistic medical professionals and an ever-expanding list of patients. The E² Medicine conducts a full patient history and online evaluation and provides nutritional and life style patterning and counseling as well as recommends wholistic, somatic, mental and spiritual therapies. In tandem with medical professionals, each patient receives an https://find-bride-review.com individual personalize plan to gain control of their life, which results in a centered and optimistic individual.

Achievements and Recognition:

Dr. Pookrum is an acknowledged leader in the natural healing movement. Among her most notable recognitions was the selection by Prime Minister Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie, to be their consulting physician during their historic visit to the United States in 1990. She was also the physician to monumental great beings such as Rosa Parks, Mayors, Senators and many Entertainers and Hollywood Greats.

She has hosted wellness talk shows on WCHB and WQBH radio stations in Detroit, Michigan from 1986 to 1991. She has conducted lectures for major corporations, secondary education institutions, Colleges, Medical organizations and churches. She has received high praise for her dedication to sharing her vast knowledge of wholistic healing techniques with most of the world.

She has been cited as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America, named by the Detroit News as one of Detroit’s leading physicians, and honored by the Coalition of 100 Black Women, and selected by Detroit Historical Museum as an exhibited subject of a Commemorative, acknowledging “100 Years of Great Achievements by Native Women Detroiters”. Born in Detroit, Dr. Jewel Pookrum grew up in Chicago and returned to Detroit for her Residency. Completion of this training established the first 12 years of her Formal medical practice in Detroit. She is the mother of four children and she credits her great grandmother and an aunt with helping her shape a preventative and wholistic career path.


Dr. Pookrum graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois in 1968, where she completed all graduate work in Microbiology in 1971. Dr. Pookrum then went on to graduate from Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska in 1975. She completed her Surgical Internship and Obstetrics-Gynecology Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan in 1979, where she remained on staff from 1979-1981.

Wholistic Studies:

A growing interest in wellness and self-Initiated healing prompted Dr. Pookrum to pursue an independent education in foods, nutrition and related subjects for six years before attending formal programs. She has completed Macrobiotic seminars, including intensive workshops and study protocols with Michio Kushi (MACROBIOTICS) and Michael Rossoff.She studied with Dr. Alvenia Fulton at the Fultonia Institute and Fasting Center in Chicago, Illinois, where Dick Gregory developed his fasting and nutritional plan. Dr. Pookrum was one of the first professionals to complete the “Sacred Women’s Training Course” under the direct tutelage of Queen Afua’s “Sacred Women Heal Thyself Program”. Dr. Pookrum, also attended The Iridology Institute, The International Institute of Reflexology, The School of Orthomolecular Nutrition, from which she received her PhD in Nutrition. Her Thesis entitled; “Vitamins & Minerals from A-Z with Ethno consciousness’, is recognized as a monumental treatise; demonstrating the direct relationship between the health and functionality of the MELANIN biopolymer and the level of health and longevity of the physical body. She attended The School of Pisonic Medicine of Cellular Regeneration in London, England, founded by Dr. David Tansley. She also completed a number of interpretive Mundane Astrology courses as well as Mayan Astrology. She specifically focused on the Laws of Time (LOT) and how they affect the health of Huemanity. She completed studies in Neurolinguistic Programming with Tony Robbins and Dr. Richard Morales, and learned ancient healing techniques in Mexico, Egypt, West Indies, Hawaii and North America, Malaysia, and China. She Holds a Master’s Certification in Medical Fung Shui (MFS).

Professional Experience:

Dr. Pookrum began her medical career as Director of the Gynecology Obstetrics Department Woodrow Wilson Clinic, at Henry Ford Hospital, supervising a 10-member staff. As she practiced Traditional Medicine, she observed that surgery did not always cure acute pain as is presented. At the same time, she became aware of the fact that the body often cured itself by simply changing and improving the patient’s diet. Dr. Pookrum soon became aware of the fact that by examining certain parts of the body — the Iris or the Feet, for example, she could have a barometer of the body’s current condition of health. She quickly understood that the Human Body is a whole entity in which the anatomical structures, the physical functions and emotional states are interdependent and reciprocal in relationship; a patient got well when the healing was self-initiated and self-achieved. She also employed “Lice Cell Analysis” as a vital tool to access the quality of LIVE BLOOD, using the polarizing technique of “LIVE CELL ANALYSIS”; enabling her to immediately assess the acute and Chronic states of disease as well as the health of her patients.


In Dr. Pookrum’s own words, “within every challenge is the lesson of giving and receiving more love and in doing so, the impact of disease is neutralized”. Dr. Pookrum had the experience of healing herself from an advance form of cancer. It was through this experience that she documented that “Attitude” is everything. This experience prompted her to study Psychoneuroimmunology-cellular Biology. Dr. Pookrum rediscovered that SACRED GEOMETRY treats many emotional, mental and neurological disorders. By focusing upon specific Sacred Geometry, she was enabled to gain access to both hemispheres of her brain, which endowed her with the ability to transform unhealthy emotions such as; depression, anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem. Dr. Pookrum has become an avid teacher of NEURO- REDESIGN Neurobiology and instructs thousands on the proper use of Sacred Geometry to restructure damaged brain circuitry and permanently Balance the brain and much, much more. Dr. Pookrum states; in conjunction with the efficient uses of the brain, I can support you to discover perfect health mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Her medical techniques are designed specifically for each patient. Dr. Pookrum knows that no one needs to live with pain, fear or disease. “We are all individually responsible for the quality and condition of our health. I support the use of natural, non-invasive therapies.”

It is Dr. Pookrum’s goal to guide her patients past a reliance on the more external modalities of treatments such as drugs and surgery. She supports the use of diet as the body’s natural medicine. Dr. Pookrum notes that with the combination of ten key vitamins from food sources and appropriate physical activity and mental conditioning; “the body begins to heal and the aging process slows and usually reverses itself.” The Full integration of the Brain and its nervous system is necessary to actualize the innate state of physical Immortality, available to all Huemans.


Dr. Pookrum’s desire to create and provide the ideal healing environment for humanity led her to take a leave of absence from her medical practice to learn finance, banking and high end investing. These studies were initiated to acquire funds to build a first class alternative medical center (now in its beginning phases of materialization).

Dr. Pookrum is diligently focusing upon the development of a worldwide healing platform, expanding upon the ideals and principles first articulated in the Perfect Health Institute. It is her intent to complete this project with the opening of a state of the art alternative medical care facility and neurodevelopment center. The medical center will provide instruction and support to those seeking lifestyle changes that can build perfect health consciousness, as well as brain balancing techniques for left and right hemisphere integration. The projection for the opening of this center is 2020 in the USA.

In 2006, The Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native American Nation and the Indigenous Native American Association of Nations (INAANS) appointed Dr. Jewel as their Surgeon General. The INAANS is composed of the unification of the Guale, Yamassee, Mechica, Cherokee, Seminole, and Washitaw Indigenous Peoples Nations.


Since 2009, Dr. Pookrum has headed a highly successful and expanded internet practice. She shares incredible medical research on Immortality. She conducts Immortality chat classes that teach neurobiology and lifestyles for immortal living. Dr. Pookrum opened the
J.E.W.E.L UNIVERSITY of IMMORTAL SCIENCES for IMMORTAL LIVING Cyber education network in 2015. In the college of Neurosciences, Dr. Pookrum offers the Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program, through which one can learn the technique of effectively balancing both hemispheres of the brain, creating a “Hemi-Synced Brain, individual”. The Jewel Network (TJN) activated in 2010 to disseminate via Radio; the latest available scientific information from all of the Sciences and scientific disciplines to the public. The JEWEL NETWORK is

dedicated to broadcasting the “Sciences of Life and Living”, in a clear, accurate, entertaining, and utilitarian format. JEWEL is an acronym for: Justifiably Enchanted With Enlightened Living. Please review the schedule and visit the website for more information on when to listen to our live broadcasts visit our blog talk radio schedule. peruse our archives, and join our chats, at www.juis.education

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