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One on One Consultations

Have your well-being concerns addressed.

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Basic Medical Consultation

Treatment Consultation Overview

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Neuro Redesign

Redesigning the neuro circuitry and the brain and the nervous system after acute and chronic nerve and brain trauma.

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Special Interest Disorders

Breast disorders relative to the mental and emotional health of breast cancer survivors.

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Jewel University of Immortal Sciences (JUIS)

DJBP, Law of Time, Holomind Perceiver

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Immune Deficiency Disorder

Scientists Find Direct Link Between Brain and Immune System

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Greetings Students of JUIS

Dr Jewel was interviewed on the radio this past Saturday 3/17 at 6pm on Progressive Radio Network @ as well as today Monday 3/19 at 1:30 on  We are so very excited and would like for you to stay tuned to this post and our schedule of events here at and

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